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About the Program

What I enjoyed most...

"I loved the diverse nature of the fellowship with exposure to almost all areas of MSK radiology. The balance of inpatient/outpatient cases as well as training in the hospital and outpatient settings created a wide range of experiences. The faculty are diverse and bring unique perspectives and different types of training to blend a well-rounded fellowship. Involvement with interdisciplinary boards and committees enhances the fellowship. The training will prepare you for a future in academic or private practice settings."

Brett S. Talbot, M.D.

The Musculoskeletal Radiology fellowship program’s primary mission is to provide a well rounded training experience to prepare our fellows to become leaders in academic and clinical radiology. Our fellows are trained to be proficient in all aspects of musculoskeletal imaging including MRI, CT, radiographs, and procedures including arthrograms and bone biopsies. The University of Rochester is a tertiary care center and level I trauma center with a diverse array of pathology including sports medicine, orthopedic oncology, rheumatology, spine and trauma. Academic pursuits will be fostered with multidisciplinary conferences, cutting edge technology and a faculty devoted toward innovative research projects.

Our faculty members are dedicated professionals, with many at the top of their profession. And, it’s probably no coincidence that approximately 70% have ties to URMC by either obtaining their medical degree or completing their internship, residency or fellowship here.

In Musculoskeletal radiology we have faculty members who are members of the Society of Skeletal Radiology and the International Skeletal Society.

URMC Community    

The Department of Imaging Sciences enjoys a warm and collegial relationship with other departments throughout the University of Rochester Medical Center. Our fellows benefit by interacting closely with residents, fellows, and attending physicians from these programs at many interdisciplinary conferences.

Case Variety

The University of Rochester Medical Center is a level I trauma center, tertiary referral center, cancer center and a transplant center. This means that fellows will see a wide variety of cases not seen in most other fellowship programs.

Customized Curriculum

Within the requirements of the program, fellow training can be modified to accommodate individualized needs and strengths, as well as hone learning to support a fellow’s specific professional interest.


The technology base of the department is state of the art with the latest CT, MR and information systems technology. Training programs are designed to enable fellows to acquire and demonstrate the knowledge, skills, and judgment necessary for competence in the specialty of their choice, and this is primarily achieved by involvement in clinical case material under direct supervision and guidance of the faculty. More formal teaching supplements this educational process by providing lectures, demonstrations and conferences as well as electronic teaching aids.