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Major Clinical and Translational Interests

This multidisciplinary ACGME approved fellowship provides subspecialty training in adult neurocritical care, and successful completion will allow candidates to be eligible for ACGME certification in neurocritical care. Primary faculty members have appointments in the departments of neurology, neurosurgery, anesthesia, internal medicine, emergency medicine and radiology. Fellow applicants with primary training in neurology, neurosurgery, internal medicine, emergency medicine and anesthesia are encouraged to apply.

The program is designed to cover the full range of neurocritically ill patients, including but not limited to, first-hand experience with:

  • Clinical evaluation and management of ischemic and hemorrhagic stroke, subarachnoid hemorrhage and intraventricular hemorrhage.
  • Clinical evaluation and management of status epilepticus, neuromuscular respiratory failure and medical complications of neurologic disease.
  • Clinical evaluation and management of traumatic brain injury, cerebral edema and intracranial hypertension.
  • Clinical evaluation and management of post-op neurosurgical patients.
  • Clinical evaluation and management of acute respiratory failure, hemodynamic collapse, sepsis, and shock.
  • Clinical research, including clinical trials.
  • Use of advanced neuro-monitoring devices.
  • Develop procedural proficiency in central and arterial line placement, endotracheal intubation, bronchoscopy and ventilator management.

Fellows will rotate through the Medical and Trauma ICUs in addition to the NeuroMedical ICU. The fellowship also provides the opportunity for pursuit of individual interests or projects.
Opportunities in clinical research and quality/process improvement are available and strongly encouraged.

Multi-Center Trials

BOOST-3 – Brain Oxygen Optimization in Severe TBI Phase-3. SIREN Network study. Identifier: NCT03754114
Sponsored by NIH/NINDS 1U01NS099046

CHARM – Phase 3 Study to Evaluate the Efficacy and Safety of Intravenous BIIB093 (Glibenclamide) for Severe Cerebral Edema Following Large Hemispheric Infarction. Identifier: NCT02864953
Sponsored by Biogen

MOST – Multi-arm Optimization of Stroke Thrombolysis. NIH StrokeNet study. Identifier: NCT03735979
Sponsor: University of Cincinnati and NIH/NINDS 1U01NS100699

Bio-Boost – Biomarkers in the Brain Oxygen Optimization in Severe Traumatic Brain Injury Trial. Identifier: NCT04565119
Sponsor by University of Pennsylvania

ICECAP– Influence of Cooling Duration on Efficacy in Cardiac Arrest Patients. Identifier: NCT04217551
Sponsor by University of Michigan

Marinus Ganaxolone– RAndomized Therapy In Status Epilepticus (RAISE) Identifier: NCT04391569
Sponsor by Marinus Pharmaceuticals

ExTINGUISH– The ExTINGUISH Trial of Inebilizumab in NMDAR Encephalitis Identifier: NCT04372615
Sponsor by University of Utah

Peer-Reviewed Publications

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Selected Posters and Abstracts

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