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Supportive Environment

Teaching of the fellow is a core component of the daily responsibilities of the attendings. The faculty are ensured sufficient time to supervise and teach the fellow by the one-one assignment of the fellow to a specific attending for each day. The attending assigned to the fellow for the day is responsible for reviewing cases, and all facets of patient care, during the day, whether in the clinic or operating room setting. The attending addresses any questions in a contemporaneous fashion.


The fellow is provided a quarterly rotation schedule, such that he has a rotating schedule over the course of the year. This ensures that he has sufficient exposure to each of the teaching faculty.


The faculty also participate in teaching through dedicated morning conferences, including a weekly indications conference, arranged at a time that does not interfere with clinic or operating room time. All faculty are available at this time, and are expected to participate.

A core curriculum has been developed covering all topics the fellow is required to review in an in-depth conference setting at a fellowship level. This conference is arranged on an individual basis, once weekly, such that the teaching faculty and fellow have dedicated time available to thoroughly cover each subject with sufficient time.

Skills Lab

The arthroscopy skills lab has been incorporated into the instruction of the fellow. The didactic sessions in the lab with the fellow and residents is again set at a time that does not coincide with daily clinic or OR, and ensures sufficient time for instruction for each subject covered.

Other Educational Activities

  • International Sports Medicine Fellows Conference
  • AANA Hip Arthroscopy Course
  • AOSSM Fellows Course