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A Message from the Program Director

Dr Doyle in OR
Dr. Doyle in OR

Thank you for your interest in our program! I am very fortunate to have the opportunity to lead one of the best training programs in the country. The University of Rochester Division of Vascular Surgery has a legacy of training many past and present leaders in academic vascular surgery. Over the years, the faculty have changed, but the training environment at the University of Rochester has remained.

The University of Rochester Medical Center is unique in how it serves the region and the community. There are no significant competitors for complex vascular surgery within the area. The University serves as a quaternary center for the treatment of patients with rare vascular conditions, with some patients traveling hundreds of miles to receive care. Additionally, the lack of a VA and a community hospital in the county means that we care for emergent and urgent vascular conditions in addition to complex elective surgical care. The depth and breadth of training that our residents are exposed to is second to none.

Our faculty come from varied training backgrounds and institutions, which makes for a rich experience for the trainees in witnessing the multiple ways various procedures and disease progression can be approached and treated. The collaborative nature of the faculty toward patient care allows for the daily evolution of the practice of vascular surgery. The focus on foundational skills and knowledge is paramount to the training program in that this gives graduates the basis to evolve throughout the remainder of their careers. Our unique training environment certainly pushes our trainees to achieve their maximum potential and shapes them into future leaders in vascular surgery by honing those same skills that eventually lead to their career success.

It goes without saying that I am incredibly proud to be a graduate of this training program and I plan to continue to evolve it into one of the best in the nation. As a guardian of the program, I plan to leave it better than I found it and continue the rich tradition of producing leaders in vascular surgery for years to come.


Adam J. Doyle, M.D.
Associate Professor of Surgery; Vascular Surgery Residency Program Director