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Social Events

Philosophy Meeting, September 2014

Here are descriptions of a few of our regular social events. Be sure to check the GSS Calendar for upcoming social events.

GSS Bar Nights

Free food, drink specials, and friends each semester at different bars in Rochester.

Philosophy Meetings

An informal social gathering consisting mainly of students and investigators, although there are often sightings of other scientists crashing the party. There is always beer, soda, water, and often wine to drink. Entrees range from pizza to cheese, crackers, fruit, casseroles, and various other finger foods.

Halloween Party

This is a chance to wear a costume (or just blend in) and socialize with others. Yes, you aren’t alone; there are others just as dedicated to their lab as you are and at 3 a.m. they don’t need costumes either! There are usually candy, trinkets, and drink specials. Here is a link to the 2011 photo album.

Holiday Gathering

Just as it sounds, this is a seasonal gathering with food and drinks. A celebration for all scientists. All religious and personal beliefs are welcomed and appreciated at this event.