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Instructions for Completing the Add/Drop Form

To add, drop, or withdraw from a course, provide the following information on your Add/Drop Form

  • Subject Area (i.e. BCH)
  • Course Number (i.e. 443)
  • Credit Hours (i.e. 4.0)
  • Abbreviated Title
  • Instructor’s signature (required for all courses added/dropped per deadlines as indicated on Academic Calendar)
  • Date of class last attended
  • Advisor’s Signature (unless non‐matriculated)

After the form has been completed and all necessary signatures obtained

Please Note

The effective date of registration change is the date the Add/Drop form is the last date of attendance as indicated on the form.

Official withdrawal from a course is the responsibility of the student, who must file a withdrawal (Drop) request. Telephone calls to offices on campus, or failure to attend classes are NOT considered official notice of intent to withdraw.

Audit ‐ Prior approval (signature) of the course instructor and advisor (if applicable) is necessary to audit a course.

Deadlines ‐ Add/Drop/Audit/Withdrawal deadlines are published in the School of Medicine and Dentistry Academic Calendar. Courses added after the deadline will result in a $300 late charge to the student’s account. Courses dropped after the deadline will be reflected on the official transcript with a W grade.

Refunds ‐ For credit courses, tuition is adjusted according to the annual refunds schedule. Tuition refunds for audits are not given once classes start.

Tuition Reimbursements and Tuition Benefits Waivers for University of Rochester Faculty and Staff ‐ UR employees should note that dropping, withdrawing from or failing a course could result in financial responsibility. Tuition benefits information for University employees can be obtained through the Benefits Office. Students receiving tuition reimbursement benefits from other companies or organizations should confirm their responsibilities as well.