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SMD Unpaid Academic Internship and Shadowing Program Background Check Process

For interns and shadows under 18 years of age, the Background Check Process must be completed for all adult supervisors per the University Policy for Programs for Minors. Background checks include a felony check and a sex offender check. Adult supervisors include the intern/shadow’s Advisor(s) and any delegates that may supervise the intern/shadow. All adult supervisors are required to have a background check that has been done within the last three years on record with the University at the time of hire and/or prior to beginning work with minors.  Currently, all clinical faculty and staff receive felony background check at hire. Research faculty, postdoctoral appointees and graduate students do not receive background checks at hire.

Thus, the Department Administrator is responsible for the Background Check Process for (1) clinical faculty and staff who have not had a felony background check and sex offender check within the past three years and (2) for any research faculty, postdoctoral appointees or graduate students that will supervise the intern/shadow.

Background Check Process

  1. The Department Administrator must coordinate the completion of all required paperwork: (1) the Application Form, (2) the Parental Consent Form and (3) the Adult Supervisor’s Training Compliance Form.
  2. The Department Administrator must submit all paperwork, in one email, to Human Resources (Richard Anderson).
    Ask Human Resources to perform a standard background check and sex offender check. The contact is Richard Anderson or phone (585)275-7301.
    Please note that applications will not be reviewed until proof of required Background Checks has been received.
  3. The Department Administrator must have the adult supervisor complete the self-disclosure form along with the criminal check disclosure/authorization forms, which will be provided by HR.