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Each week, Epidemiology faculty, and MS and PhD in Epidemiology students meet for seminars given by students, faculty, and external guests. All are welcome to attend. This is a way to enhance discussion of student centered research and publications, current faculty research interests, and interesting and relevant research methods of others external to the PhD in Epidemiology program. We meet each Wednesday morning at the times and locations given below. We hope you can join us.

Epidemiology Fall 2019 Seminar Series


Grand Rounds: Healthcare Communication Dynamics

Andrea Garroway; Tziporah Rosenberg - PhD, clinical psychologist and assistant professor in the Departments of Psychiatry and Medicine at URMC; PhD, LMFT, associate professor in the Departments of Psychiatry and Family Medicine at URMC, the Institute for the Family, and the Division of Collaborative Care within the Department of Psychiatry

 Apr 21, 2023 @ 12:00 p.m.

Host: Andrea Garroway, PhD and Tziporah Rosenberg, PhD, LMFT