Career Counseling

Identifying a career path in medicine can be challenging. Some students know exactly what they want but many find the decision daunting. Important factors to consider in this decision come from self-reflection, listening to feedback, and immersing yourself into medical student experiences that expose you to many opportunities.The URSMD Career Counseling Office and this website will assist in this process. This information should be coupled with advice from your Advisory Dean and department specific mentors. We look forward to sharing this exciting journey with you!

Overview of the Career Counseling Program at URSMD

Begin working individually with your Advisory Dean

August: Introduction to Career Counseling team during Orientation Week

August: Student Organization and Specialty Interest Group Fair, Students of Rochester Outreach (community service) and Affinity Group Fair

November: Summer Planning: Research, International, Service and Career Exploration Opportunities

December: Phase 1: All Class Meeting

January-May: Careers in Medicine: Specialty Exploration, Career Interest Assessments 

April: Clinical Specialties information session “Preparing for a Competitive Specialty” 

Ongoing: Advisory Dean meetings - Exploring career interests

  • Careers in Medicine
  • Personality and Specialty Inventories
  • Career exploration
  • Mentoring
  • Outreach Opportunities  

August: Student Organization and Specialty Interest Group Fair, Students of Rochester Outreach (community service) and Affinity Group Fair

December: Phase 2 All Class Meeting: Updates with Career Counseling Team

January: Career Counseling Session: Maximizing your Step 1 Studying

Ongoing:  Work with Advisory Deans on:

  • Choosing a Specialty
  • Ruling out Specialties
  • Work/Life Balance
  • Building Resilience in Combating Fatigue

February and April:  Phase 3 Class Sessions: Applying to Residency Overview

Mentorship: Identifying and connecting with a specialty mentor

Careers in Medicine: Choosing your specialty

Ongoing: Continue to work with your Advisory Dean throughout the year

August and September:

  • Submit ERAS and Supplemental Application (if applicable), Urology and SF Match
  • Register for Match
  • Career Counseling Session: Supplemental ERAS Application 
  • Career Counseling Session: Preparing for Interview Season
  • Mock Interview Session with URMC Faculty Member


  • Career Counseling Session: You’ve Applied...Now what? Various Stages of the Process


  • Early Match (Urology, SF Match)


  • Submit your Rank Order List


  • Match Week


  • Successful Interning Course
  • Graduation


University of Rochester Match Day 2022