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Postdoctoral Position - Biochemistry and Biophysics

A postdoctoral position is available in the laboratory of Dr. Xin Li, Assistant Professor at the University of Rochester Center for RNA Biology, Genome to Therapeutics, Department of Biochemistry and Biophysics. Research in the Li Lab ( is at the interface of reproductive and RNA biology. We thrive to understand how information is perpetuated and diversified through generations from an RNA perspective.

Some RNAs complex with PIWI proteins to become piRNAs essential for fertility. Yet, the mechanism(s) that determine which RNAs make piRNAs is unknown. We are looking for a creative individual, driven by scientific curiosity, to lead an inter-disciplinary project focused on answering the question “what defines a piRNA?”. This project is funded by NIH and will employ high-throughput sequencing, biochemistry, molecular biology, mouse genetics, and microscopy.

Being one of the founding members of the lab, the position will have the unique opportunity to work side by side with the PI, and help direct development and application of high-throughput sequencing methodologies. Ideas and data generated by the “dry” component of the lab will be tested rapidly and efficiently by “wet” bench members, and vice versa. You will attend our joint group meeting with Dr. Lynne Maquat and Dr. Yitao Yu and interact with other RNA biologists.

Required Qualifications

  • A recent Ph.D. or equivalent experience
  • One first-author publication with solid data
  • Good communication and organization skills
  • Awareness of details
  • Preferred background on stem cell, reproductive biology, avian biology or RNA biology

Rochester Center for RNA Biology is a mecca for RNA researchers, with a long history of nurturing RNA biologists and discoveries. The University of Rochester was ranked one of the top 15 institutions in the nation for scientists to work according to The Scientist magazine’s annual survey of “Best Places to Work for Scientists in Academia”. It should be noted that the University of Rochester outranked every other research institution in New York State. The environment is very collaborative and congenial and has an infrastructure that allows me and others to recruit outstanding lab members. Moreover, the city of Rochester is safe, beautiful and

Please provide a cover letter describing your past projects and career goals. Please also describe what you hope to get out of this position and what you hope to bring to the Lab. Enclose your detailed CV with names and contacts of three referees to

This job posting is also available to download as a PDF