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Safe Cleaning

While regular cleaning can't eliminate hazards in your home, it can greatly reduce your risk of exposure when done safely. It is important to realize, however, that there are certain ways of cleaning that can actually INCREASE your risk of exposure. Below is a video about safe cleaning, and a list of some simple ways to safely clean your home without increasing your exposure to hazards (video produced by WXXI with support from the New York State Pollution Prevention Network).

two bucket mopping

Two Bucket Mopping

Safe Cleaning

  • Use a two bucket mopping system to avoid putting contaminants back on the floor
    • One bucket of warm, soapy water to mop; one bucket to rinse
  • Work wet
    • Dampen the cloth or spray the air with water when sweeping and dusting
  • Clean often
    • Mop, dust and wash bedding (in hot water) once a week.
    • Do a thorough home cleaning every 6 months.
  • Use chemicals safely
    work wet

    Work Wet

    • NEVER mix chemicals (for example, ammonia and bleach make a toxic gas when mixed with each other)
    • Carefully follow instructions on label
    • Store safely
    • Visit the kitchen for more details