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Your Health & the Environment is issued by the CEC 2-3 times a year. The newsletter highlights Center research, community outreach and science education outreach programs, graduate student news, and other Center news. View our current ​Spring 2019 Newsletter.

  • Fall 2018
  • Summer 2018
  • Winter 2018
  • Summer 2017 
  • Winter 2017 E-cigarettes and Human Health
  • Summer 2015 Revisiting the Evidence: Methylmercury and Fish Consumption
  • Summer 2014 Air Pollution Linked to Autism and Schizophrenia
  • Fall 2013 Environmental Epidemiology at the Environmental Health Sciences Center
  • Summer 2013 Bisphenol A, EHSC Research, and the Rochester community
  • Fall 2012  A Structural Overhaul Pumps New Life into Behavioral Research
  • Summer 2011  A Tale of Two Labs: Collaborative Efforts in the EHSC
  • Spring 2011 Education in the Environmental Health Sciences Center
  • Fall 2010 Special Issue: State of the Environmental Health Sciences Center
  • Fall 2009 A Fishy Paradox
  • Spring 2009 Do Early Life Environmental Exposures Work With Genes to Modulate Immune Development?
  • Winter 2008 B. Paige Lawrence: Deciphering the Enigmatic AhR
  • Fall 2008 Ned Ballatori Receives Adolf Windaus Prize in Amsterdam
  • Spring 2008 The Hazards of Pharmaceuticals in the Home and Environment
  • Winter 2007 Climate Change and Environmental Health
  • Spring 2007 Environmental Medicine Integrated into University of Rochester's Medical School Curriculum
  • Winter/Spring 2006 Phthalates
  • Fall/Winter 2006 Rochester's Healthy Home
  • Summer 2005 Particulate Matter
  • Winter 2004 Does Sex Matter? Male Brains, Female Brains, and Environmental Exposures
  • Fall 2004  What is a Toxic Environment?
  • Summer 2004 Was Napolean Poisoned by Arsenic in His Wine?
  • Spring 2003  World Trade Center Dust: Is It Toxic?
  • Fall 2002 The Health and Environmental Impact of the World Trade Center Disaster
  • Summer 2002  World Trade Center Dust - Health Issues?
  • Spring 2002 Thomas A. Gasiewicz, Ph.D., Named New Chair of Environmental Medicine


Visit our Community Projects pages for publications related to specific CEC projects. These include links to journal publications, outreach materials, and white papers and project reports.

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