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Overview of Inhalation Exposure Facility Capabilities

The Environmental Health Sciences Center’s Inhalation Exposure Facility was established to focus the combined skills of biology, chemistry, and aerosol physics that are critical for inhalation toxicology research.  The broad capabilities of the Facility include aerosol generation, exposure monitoring, and exposure characterization.  The latter two capabilities are also supported – depending on the nature of exposure – via coordination with the Elemental Analysis Facility.  There are very few inhalation exposure facilities in the world, each with a unique focus:  at Rochester, the specialty area is the toxicology of airborne ultrafine and nanoparticles.  However, the Facility was built to adapt to research needs, so tools are available to generate aerosols with larger particles, liquid-phase compounds, or gases, as well as mixtures thereof. 

There are two units within the Inhalation Exposure Facility: