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Build an Anti-Racism Infrastructure

Build the infrastructure that fosters anti-racism in everyday work and patient interactions across our education, research, and clinical missions.

Major Themes

  • Standardized UR/URMC policies and reporting processes
  • Training – online and in-person
  • Leadership Development
  • Certified Diversity Officers and Human Resource Business Partners

Key Milestones for FY2021

  • OEI office resourced to oversee and implement program
  • OEI and HR resourced to deliver training to URMC workforce
  • School and department dashboards
  • Progress aligned with Leadership evaluations
  • Diversity Officer structure established


  1. All policies adhere to equity and inclusion principles; establish visible, streamlined reporting process that provides confidential and timely investigations
    • Systemic reviews of all UR/URMC policies (tuition, recruitment, harassment, etc.)
    • Restructure Policy 106 to streamline reporting and unbiased third-party decision making
  2. Develop infrastructure to deliver online and in-person training
    • New portfolio of trainings that can be tailored and sustained
    • Utilize "Training-the-Trainers" strategy to expand number of trainers available
    • Intentional focus on becoming a restorative practice and social justice minded institution
  3. Build diversity and inclusion competency and accountability among leadership
    • Senior leaders receive anti-racism training, and focused help on recruitment/retention strategies
    • Provide reports and tools to help measure progress
  4. Designated Diversity Officers for all SMD and URMC Departments
    • Diversity Officer job description and certification
    • Committee structure to ensure unified approach across all divisions


In Progress

  • Members of the Advisory Committee for the Revision of the University’s Policy Against Discrimination and Harassment (PADH) have provided their input to the PADH Revision Writing Group regarding four policy issues raised by President Sarah Mangelsdorf. The PADH revisions are now well underway and expected to be presented to various University stakeholders over the next several months.
  • 100% of URSMD/URMC Leadership is scheduled to participate in a six-month Enlightened Leader Learning Series with Jeff Ring, MD.  Cohorts 1 and 2 are currently meeting. Cohorts 3 and 4 start in May and June.  Sessions will include topics such as: Developing trust, effective conflict management, commitment and accountability, implicit bias, and health inequity and anti-racism.
  • Kwasi Boaitey, is working with OEI on culturally responsive leadership and management. He will be curating a portfolio of trainings that speak to culture and climate through a DEI framework and restorative justice lens.
  • Departments are identifying Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion Officers.
  • The Human Resource Business Partners and 66 Diversity and Inclusion Officers are participating in training with Kwasi Boaitey and DEI Consultants. The training spans 6 months and is aligned with the same framework as the Enlightened Leadership Training.
  • Diversity dashboards have been created for department chairs to facilitate goal-setting as it relates to hiring.


  • DEI included in performance reviews and CVs for faculty.