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Our Progress


Build the infrastructure that fosters anti-racism in everyday work and patient interactions across our education, research, and clinical missions.

Action Item Planned In Progress Complete
Standardize UR/URMC policies and reporting processes.   check  
Develop online and in-person trainings.   check  
Develop leadership.   check  
Certify Diversity Officers and Human Resource Business Partners.   check  


Recruit an array of people from widely diverse backgrounds; provide tools and supports that encourage people to stay at URMC and advance as far as talent takes them; expand work opportunities for the least privileged in our community.

Action Item Planned In Progress Complete
Establish academic and career pipeline programs.   check  
Create workforce development programs (MCC, City of Rochester).   check  
Develop professional networks.   check  
Develop career paths.   check  
Establish scholarships.   check  


Nurture our learning and work environment to infuse inclusion, foster respect, and celebrate diversity fulfilling the promise of our "ICARE" values—integrity, inclusion, respect, accountability, and excellence—always and for all.

Action Item Planned In Progress Complete
Create an anti-racist, socially just, and respectful climate.   check  
Infuse diversity and inclusion topics in SMD and SON learning activities.   check  


Exemplify inclusion through our physical spaces, digital communications, and learning approaches.

Action Item Planned In Progress Complete
URMC physical campus.   check  
URMC digital presence.     check


Engage in equity as a health system by making care more accessible and reducing disparities through research, active listening, and collaboration with community partners.

Action Item Planned In Progress Complete
Deliver equitable and accessible health care.   check  
Inform practice through health equity research and education.   check  
Establish minority and women business enterprises.     check