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Face Lifts

In youth, the face is smooth, full and sits high. Time, gravity and fat deflation rob us of this fullness causing areas of the face and neck to become worn and tired looking. To recapture a more vigorous appearance many people turn to non-surgical options such as Botox and fillers to add facial volume and reduce fine lines and wrinkles. However, these excellent alternatives may become less effective as gravity and fat deflation result in sagging cheeks and jowling around the neck and chin. For those who want to regain a youthful, uplifted appearance and smoother contour of the skin, facelifts are a popular option. There are several procedures that Dr. Gonzalez can perform to reverse the appearance of facial aging. Used alone or in combination, the results are excellent.

Mid-face Lifts

A mid-face lift can restore the youthful contour and three-dimensional projection to the mid-face area - below the eyes and to the corners of the mouth. Fat may also be transferred to the face during a mid-face lift to add lift and volume. Dr. Gonzalez performs several types of these procedures. The technique that is best for you is based on a variety of factors including your current facial structure, previous facial surgeries (if applicable), and your aesthetic goals. Mid-face lifts do not address sagging eyelids, so many times a combined procedure provides the desired result.

Lower Face Lifts

Lower face lifts are directed toward the face below the corners of the mouth and the chin, where sagging can be especially apparent. In many instances, these procedures are combined with a neck lift to make the transition between the two areas smoother and more natural looking. As a surgeon specifically trained in facial aesthetics, Dr. Gonzalez understands the special techniques used to minimize the “windswept” look that sometimes results from procedures.

Mini Face Lifts

Mini face lifts minimize the size of incisions and the recovery time associated with facial surgery. Mini face lifts accomplish many of the goals of traditional face lifts, but the results may not last as long. Although many patients are good candidates for a mini face lift, Dr. Gonzalez will discuss whether this procedure is right for you based upon your facial structure and overall aesthetic goals.

A Hint About Face Lifts

When choosing a surgeon to perform a face lift, strongly consider a cosmetic and reconstructive specialist with a practice limited to facial procedures. They will have the experience, expertise and knowledge of facial anatomy. Their specialized training in aesthetics and ultra smooth wound closures minimize scars, thereby promoting the most natural possible result.