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Family Medicine Manifesto

What is Family Medicine?

Department of Family Medicine physician with family of patients

Dr. Matt Devine cares for this entire family at
Highland Family Medicine.

We take care of people before they’re even born, and if you live to be a hundred you won’t outgrow us.

Our range of practice is nearly limitless. We deliver babies and give flu shots and diagnose major diseases and sew up minor cuts.

We have the heart and soul of that great American icon of the past, the family doctor who went to see you in a horse-drawn buggy. But today’s family medicine means cutting-edge research and training tomorrow’s doctors in the knowledge that’s growing exponentially every year.

We care for the body and the mind—the whole person—and we have a special feeling for the underserved.

We didn’t go into family medicine to get rich. We did it to help people get well.

We’re passionate about what we do, and our patients feel it.

We are family medicine: Medicine on a mission.


To improve the health of our communities and reduce healthcare disparities through leadership and excellence in family medicine education, clinical practice, research, and community service.


To fulfill this vision, we will:

  • Clinical Practice: Provide the highest quality, cost-effective, and innovative patient-centered care to a diverse population through interdisciplinary collaboration and to improve access to such care for underserved populations.
  • Medical Education: Develop and maintain exemplary family medicine educational programs for students, resident physicians, fellows, faculty and practicing physicians to train future leaders in academic family medicine.
  • Research and Scholarship: Promote the discovery and dissemination of knowledge important to clinical practice, education, and the organization of health care, with a focus on improving healthcare communication and reducing disparities.
  • Community Service: Work in partnership with individuals, community organizations, and government to address unmet health care needs in our community.