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Crosby's Crew - Background & Impact

nursesIn the weeks following Crosby’s diagnosis, an amazing thing happened. The outpouring of support from family, friends and the community was astonishing. Plans were made to raise money for unit 4.3600 at Golisano Children’s Hospital, the unit where Crosby was treated. More specifically, we wanted to purchase necessary items that slipped through their budget that would help the other families and the nurses on the unit. Crosby’s Crew was subsequently formed to collect donations for the unit (not to be confused with the Research Fund). Over the course of Crosby’s illness, we received over $40,000 from 600 donors. Amazing. Number one on our list was soft blankets. Crosby never went anywhere without his ‘B’. It broke our hearts to see kids on the unit who did not have something soft to comfort them. Now, any child admitted overnight on the unit gets a blanket from Crosby's Crew. This gift also gives the nurses the chance to say his or her name and smile, and bring just a little comfort to a child who needs it.

View items that have been purchased and are in use on the unit