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Weight Management & Lifestyle Center

Lose weight with the support of an expert medical team.

If you have tried other programs and diets without success, there may be a simple reason why: many weight loss programs expect you to do it on your own. Without oversight. Without support. And without a doctor.

Highland’s Weight Management and Lifestyle Center is different. Here, you get the benefit of medical oversight from a specialist physician, individual coaching from a registered dietitian, and access to tailored behavioral health and physical activity programs.

We offer the HMR® Meal Replacement plan. Rooted in science, this simple and effective program helps you lose weight quickly and build habits around healthy behaviors, so they become part of your lifestyle for long term success.


October Savings Special!

Join during the month of October to participate in our $100 rebate promotion.*

* You are automatically eligible for this promotion if you attend your Quickstart class during the month of October. You must attend 10 of your first 12 classes to remain eligible for the rebate.

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Register for a Free Weight Loss Information Seminar

Our seminars provide the valuable information you need to make a decision about non-surgical weight loss.

Bariatric Surgery Inperson seminars

View the Seminar Online

Learn how we can provide you with the tools needed to achieve your weight loss goals.

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Attend a Virtual Live Session

With the guidance and support of our medical team, learn how you can start your weight loss journey.



Looking for other weight loss options? Learn more about our bariatric surgery program.