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Hospice Care

People playing chessUR Medicine Hospice offers hospice care for patients in Monroe, Ontario and Yates counties that have been diagnosed with a life-limiting illness. Our services provide a comprehensive and compassionate approach to end of life care, keeping the patient and their needs as our priority. 

What is Hospice Care?

Hospice is for individuals who have made a conscious decision not to pursue curative treatment for a life-limiting illness. The final stage of life presents terminally ill individuals, their families and caregivers with many new and difficult challenges. At the same time, there are opportunities for compassion, growth and understanding unmatched

Hospice Service Area

3 county service area map

at any other stage of life. We can help with end-of-life decision making and achieving a death that is consistent with your values and expressed desires. Consider hospice care if:

  • Your physician has determined an illness is terminal
  • Death is likely to occur within six months
  • Aggressive treatment has been replaced by comfort care

For more information, see our Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ) section.

What You Can Expect from Your Hospice Team

Comfort, Care and Compassion. Our hospice care professionals are experienced in every aspect of these types of care, from guiding the patient’s smooth transition from hospital to home to providing comfort care with respect and compassion. We provide a complete system of care and support for those facing the end of life.

We bring comfort to you and your loved ones in your home, wherever that may be, including skilled nursing facilities, comfort care homes, and hospitals. We offer a full range of home care services to help you through this difficult time, including:

  • A dedicated nurse and social worker for each patient
  • A full array of pain and symptom management
  • Coordination of medications, medical equipment and medical supplies
  • Inpatient care, as appropriate
  • Help with personal care, errands, and transportation
  • Respite and spiritual care, counseling, support groups, and bereavement services
  • Specially trained volunteers

Our Team Approach

We offer a team approach that meets the varied and changing needs of terminally ill patients and their families. Specially chosen for their sensitivity and experience, our team includes:

  • Medical Director
  • Nurses
  • Nurse Practitioners
  • Physical, Occupational and Speech Therapists
  • Medical Social Workers
  • Dietitians
  • Home Health Aides
  • Pastoral and Counseling Professionals, including a dedicated bereavement coordinator
  • Carefully selected volunteers

Special Programs for Veterans

We Honor Veterans imageUR Medicine Home Care proudly provides the We Honor Veterans program to ensure each and every veteran receiving hospice care gets the proper attention and a hero’s welcome home in their last days. We partnered with We Honor Veterans, a program of the National Hospice and Palliative Care Organization and Veterans Affairs.

During a formal pinning that publicly acknowledges military service and sacrifices, each veteran is given a certificate, a pin and an American flag blanket. A staff member reads formal words of appreciation and ceremonially places the blanket’s stars over the veteran’s heart.

We not only honor the veterans we serve, we provide for their special needs. Due to combat, many face unique health risks from a variety of hazards, including exposure to psychological trauma, chemical agents, and illnesses that are not common in the U.S. Our professionals have special training that enables them to understand and address these medical concerns.

Through this program, our agency has also made many connections within the community and collaborates with organizations to meet non-medical needs of patients and their families. For example, we can connect patients and their loved ones to the Veterans Administration to uncover benefits and direct families to organizations that arrange burials at sea and in national cemeteries.

Volunteers who are veterans also play a significant role in this program. Their presence at pinning ceremonies is invaluable, and the instant bonds they create with veteran patients can foster rich and healing conversations. Are you a veteran or do you know someone who is? Consider volunteering or spread the word! Read our We Honor Veterans Volunteer brochure.

Insurance Coverage

The level of coverage may vary depending on your insurance and policy:

  • Third-party insurance
  • Health Maintenance Organizations (HMOs) like Excellus BCBS or MVP
  • Medicaid, Medicare, and many other health insurance plans

Our  representatives are happy to assist you with your questions or insurance issues, and help you plan for the financial aspects of hospice care. We will confirm eligibility under your specific plan. Please call us today at (800) 253-4439.

Download a Referral Fax Form, complete it and fax back to:

UR Medicine Hospice in Monroe County at (585) 787-9728

UR Medicine Hospice in Ontario and Yates Counties at (315) 789-7042