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Our Research

“Virtual heights to improve self-motion perception and fear of falling in older fallers” funded by Foundation for Physical Therapy Research, Inc.

This project will increase our understanding of balance ability, and evaluate the impact of a novel high height virtual reality (VR) balance training intervention on fear of falling and self-motion perception. The results of this study will have direct implications for physical therapy interventions for older fallers and potential implications for other populations with of balance problems including concussion, stroke, vestibular disease, and Parkinson’s disease.

“Development of Vestibular-Perceptual Adaptation Paradigms for Treating Persistent Vertigo and Perceived Disequilibrium” funded by NIDCD

Vertigo/disequilibrium, frequent medical complaints for adults, are related to balance problems and falls which negatively impact health and quality of life. There is no universally effective therapy to address these persistent abnormal self-motion perceptions which result in reduced participation in typical life activities. This project will develop novel approaches to rehabilitation, specifically addressing the need for a deeper understanding of self-motion perception and how self-motion perception can be adapted.