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Photodynamic Therapy

Photodynamic TherapyPhotodynamic therapy (PDT) relies on the combination of a photosensitive drug, known as a photosensitizer, with light of the proper wavelength and molecular oxygen to generate cytotoxic reactive oxygen species.

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Diffuse Optical Spectroscopy

Optical SpectroscopyThe propagation of light through turbid media, such as biological tissue, is largely governed by absorption and scattering. At the deep red wavelengths relevant to PDT, absorption in tissue is mainly due to hemoglobin, which has an oxygen-dependent absorption spectrum.

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Modelling of Light Propagation in Tissue

Modelling of Light Propagation in TissueOne of the main factors impacting the efficacy of PDT is the light dose delivered to the target and the surrounding normal tissue. Due to the complex nature of biological tissue, the propagation of light through this medium cannot be directly calculated for realistic scenarios.

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Lung Image Processing

Lung Image ProcessingThe LungMap project seeks to provide a comprehensive, publically-available resource for the study of lung development.

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