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Michael Richards, Ph.D. University of Rochester work 601 Elmwood Ave Rochester NY 14642 office: MC 2-6321 p (585) 273-1745
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Welcome to the Cardiovascular Engineering Lab

The University of Rochester Medical Center Cardiovascular Engineering Lab (CVEL) involves a cross-disciplinary, multi-institutional team working towards solving cardiovascular problems using engineering principles.

The overall theme of this lab is solving little problems, using the expertise of staff and students from various backgrounds, in order to solve the bigger problems in this field. The cardiovascular system is governed by forces prevalent in engineering, and the team of clinicians and engineers work together on problems faced in the cardiovascular field which can be solved through the application of engineering.

Ankur Chandra, M.D., RPVI; Karl Schwarz, M.D.; and Dan Phillips, Ph.D come from three separate fields, and two institutions to provide leadership in the projects undertaken in the CVEL. All three work together as Primary Investigators to tackle challenges in the cardiovascular field, utilizing their knowledge in the surgical, cardiology, and engineering arenas.

The Cardiovascular Engineering Lab follows a unique model, incorporating collaborators from both the clinical and industry sectors. This allows gaps in knowledge in both sectors to be filled, and provides a research model which is critical for the development of this field in relation to device development and moving forward in conjunction with industry.

One of the key, ongoing activities of this lab involves active collaboration with industry partners for overall development of devices, as well as targeted research and development.

This lab focuses on several areas which have been recognized as common to a range of cardiovascular diseases. Through targeting central threads within cardiovascular disease, the lab vies to have an impact on several diseases through its research, solving several problems and providing a huge benefit for clinicians. Thus, CVEL is host to not just one, but a range of research projects working on solving these central problems.

The long term goal is to create novel diagnostic, therapeutic, and predictive devices and tools which have the ability to improve overall delivery of cardiovascular care for patients.

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