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Seminar in Toxicology (TOX 558)

January 7 – May 6, 2019

All classes held in K-307 (3-6408)

1:00 pm – 2:00 pm

Course Director: Lisa DeLouise, PhD

Extension 5-1810


Seminar in Toxicology Syllabus

Please note that the guidelines for the upcoming TOX558 class are as follows: This seminar is designed to give graduate students experience presenting scientific matter to an audience of peers and experts, refine public speaking skills, and to assist in the development of the student’s ability to identify critical problems and ask critical questions regarding a particular research area. Therefore, in addition to giving an oral presentation, all students are expected to be active participants in the course by asking questions and by providing written feedback to peers. The seminar must be taken 4 times before the thesis defense.  It is offered every spring semester. Students in years 1-4 are required to register for and attend all of the seminars. Students in year 5+ are strongly encouraged to continue to attend the seminars.

TOX 503 (1 Credit)  - Skin Toxicology and the Environment

TOX 503 Syllabus

This course teaches the basic biology of skin and the protective role it plays in shielding the body from the daily barrage of environmental and lifestyle insults. The course covers modules on basic skin anatomy, skin penetration and skin diseases exacerbated by environmental insults that contact skin including allergens, chemicals, radiation and pollution. A discussion on the regulatory aspects that govern the distinction between therapeutics and cosmetic skin care products is included. Modules are supplemented by a journal article review. Students will be responsible for presenting and participating in the discussion of these state-of-the art research papers.