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Lab Members

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Principal Investigator

Robert Dirksen
Robert T. Dirksen, Ph.D.
MC 4-6423
Phone: (585) 275-4824
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Research Interest: Molecular Mechanisms of Calcium Signaling in Striated Muscle


Sundeep Malik
Sundeep Malik, Ph.D.
Research Assistant Professor
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Takahiro Takano
Takahiro Takano, Ph.D.
Research Assistant Professor
MC 1-9643
Phone: (585) 275-3469
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Research Interest: Purinergic signaling in peripheral nociceptive nerve, neurovascular coupling, stroke injury and astrocytic communication
Renjia Zhong
Renjia Zhong, MBBS, M.D.
Visiting Research Senior Instructor
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Research Staff

Linda Groom
Linda Groom
Senior Technical Associate
Jennifer Leigh
Jennifer Leigh
Laboratory Technician

Graduate Students

Miao He
Research Interest:

Pathophysiology and treatment of malignant hyperthermia and environmental heat stroke

Nan Zhao
Research Interest:

Pathophysiological mechanisms of Tubular Aggregate Myopathy (TAM) in Orai1 G100S mice

Research Assistants

Marina Kern
Marina Kern
Undergraduate Student