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Education / Graduate Education / PhD Programs / Cellular and Molecular Pharmacology and Physiology

Cellular and Molecular Pharmacology and Physiology

Drs. John Lueck & David MacLean Program Directors

Drs. John Lueck & David MacLean
Program Directors

Welcome to the Molecular Pharmacology and Physiology Graduate Program

Traditional pharmacology programs have focused on mechanisms of drug action, much as traditional physiology programs have addressed the functions of organ systems and tissues. Our program combines the fundamentals of these fields with cutting-edge approaches to understand cellular signaling at the molecular level, and the application of this understanding to the physiological mechanisms of drugs and drug targets.

  • Currently, we have over 30 program faculty working in diverse research areas, including cardiovascular science, cell adhesion interactions, ion channel function, G-protein coupled receptor function, mitochondrial biology, and neuropharmacology.
  • Students entering our program will encounter a group of engaged, interactive faculty endeavoring to prepare the next generation of well-rounded, creative, and independent scientists.
  • Our students learn to use advanced biochemical, molecular, and genetic research techniques to answer essential scientific questions about the underpinnings of human health.
  • Through this integrative approach, we give our graduates a unique perspective based on a cohesive understanding of how research translates from molecules and cells to tissues and organisms.

Our students can expect to graduate ready to embark upon fulfilling careers in academia, pharmaceutical industry, regulatory science, or elsewhere.

We welcome you to learn more about our program through this website and encourage you to contact us with any questions.

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CMPP Student Perspective

"The mentoring is excellent, and I am thankful for the freedom to pursue scientific questions that I am passionate about in my laboratory.

URMC has a friendly, collaborative atmosphere that is great to achieve personal goals that add to a collective mission to become ever better, individually and as a community."

Brandon Berry

Graduate Student in the Laboratory of Dr. Andrew P. Wojtovich

Collaboration is the word...The CMPP program at URMC, while strong in its curriculum, as well as hosts inspirational and impactful research, goes above and beyond to make sure students succeed...I quickly came to learn that the CMPP program is a place that nourishes growth and development like no other.

Michal Shaposhnikov (1st year)

What I like best about our program is the diversity of research opportunities and the courses that us students are allowed to take. The program does a great job of allowing students to explore their interests and be able to find themselves as aspiring scientists and follow their passions.

David Delemos (2nd year)

What I like best about the program are the people! You will not find a friendlier environment to be in. Everyone really cares about you and wants you to succeed as you move through your education and scientific career.

Lily Cisco (3rd year)

What I like best about the program is the amazing collaborative environment. While the labs in the department vary greatly on their field of research, the robust collaboration between groups is astonishing. Additionally, PharmPhys is a top notch department for those who want to study electrophysiology and channelopathies.

Matthew Rook (4th year)

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