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We are no longer accepting application for Fall 2020 admission. Please check back later this year if you are interested in applying for Fall 2021 admission.

How To Apply
Education / Graduate Education / Master's Degrees / Master’s Degree in Pharmacology or Physiology

Master’s Degree in Pharmacology or Physiology

Welcome to Our Program

Pharmacology and physiology are classic disciplines that mesh our understanding of the human body and our ability to treat disease. Here at the University of Rochester, our Pharmacology and Physiology educational programs focus on increasing our understanding of drug mechanisms and the identification of new physiological pathways that could be targeted to treat disease. The Masters programs in Pharmacology or Physiology at the University of Rochester is an ~55 credit hour course of study designed to provide students with the skills to:

  1. Carry out research in an academic or industry setting
  2. Succeed in alternative science-based careers (i.e. regulatory sciences, science writing, teaching)
  3. Go on to excel in advanced professional (MD, DVM) or research (PhD) degree programs

Students have the benefit of working within the University of Rochester Medical Center where they can take advantage of its large clinical resources and collaborative faculty. The University is home to numerous health sciences graduate programs and a large diverse student body.

We welcome you to join us! For detailed information about the course of study in each of our program areas, please click the links below. Any questions or other inquiries about our program can be emailed to Angela Glading PhD.

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M.S. in Pharmacology


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M.S. in Physiology