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M.S. in Physiology

The University of Rochester offers two options for completion of a Master’s of Science in Physiology. Under Plan A, the student completes a thesis project in a faculty member’s research lab.  Under Plan B, the student completes a master’s essay under the guidance of a faculty advisor. Both Plan A and Plan B students take the same rigorous program of required and elective courses.

A Master of Science in Physiology is granted to students who have completed at least 30 credit hours of course work and:

Plan A

Have prepared a dissertation based in part on original research that displays a thorough acquaintance with a limited subject.

Have successfully completed a final oral examination that focuses on the content of the written thesis, but may include examination of general competency in physiology.

Plan B

Have completed a master's essay that presents a critical review of a topic of current physiological relevance. The master’s essay should be similar in scope and organization to a review article published in any peer-reviewed journal, including in-depth analysis and critical evaluation of the current literature in the field.

Have successfully completed a comprehensive oral examination in physiology. The exam will consist of an approximately 20-minute presentation by the student of their critical review, followed by questioning by a committee of faculty members.