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Publications, Patents, and Publicity



  1. Chemical preconditioning as a preventative or treatment for excitotoxic synaptic damage. US Provisional Patent Application No. 60/731,742. International Patent Application No. PCT/US2006/042213.  Inventors: M.J. Bellizzi, S.-M. Lu, H.A. Gelbard.
  2. Treatment of NeuroAIDS using inhibitors of glycogen synthase kinase (GSK)-3. US Provisional Patent Application No. 60/753,614. International Patent Application No. PCT/US2006/009390.  Inventors: H.A. Gelbard, S.B. Maggirwar, S. Dewhurst.
  3. MLK inhibitors and methods of use. Composition of matter, attorney docket: URMC0001-101-US. International Patent Application No. PCT/065878 Inventors: H.A. Gelbard, S. Dewhurst, VS Goodfellow, T. Wiemann.


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