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BME 295 - Design Seminar

Fall Semester, 2 Cr.

Course Instructor

Course Description: Introduction to design of medical devices and instruments. Students are introduced to methods and strategies for creative design while considering ethical, economic, regulatory and safety issues. In addition to benchmarking existing devices, students prepare for a design project to be completed in the following semester. 2 credits

BME 296 - Design Project

Spring Semester

Course Instructor

Course Description: Senior capstone design course in the Biomedical Engineering Program. Students work in teams to design, build, and test a medical device or instrument for a faculty, community or industrial sponsor. Accompanying lectures and discussions introduce issues related to ethics, economics, project management, regulation, safety, and reliability. Students will work in teams to design, build and test a prototype medical device, and document their activities through a variety of reports and presentations.

BME 535 - Medical Device Design

Fall Semester

Course Instructor

Course Description: This course builds on clinical observations and guides the process of selection of an unmet clinical need for further design and development. Teams will refine observed needs, then use brainstorming and prototyping techniques to develop potential concepts. Six Sigma tools will be used to guide design decisions and clarify design requirements. Both oral and written communication skills will be developed.