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Lab Members

Group photo of Majewska lab personnel in halloween costumes

Principal Investigator

Ania Majewska
Ania K. Majewska, Ph.D.
MC 5.8153
Phone: (585) 275-4173
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Research Interest: Glia-neuron interactions during synaptic plasticity in health and disease


Sarah Latchney
Sarah Latchney, Ph.D.
Adjunct Assistant Professor
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Research Interest:

Assistant Professor of Neurobiology at St. Mary's College of Maryland

Rebecca Lowery
Rebecca Lowery, Ph.D.
Research Assistant Professor
MC 6-7614
Phone: (585) 275-8560
Email Rebecca
Research Interest: The role of microglia in synaptic plasticity

Research Staff

Joshua Boyer
Joshua Boyer
Laboratory Technician
Cassandra Lamantia
Cassandra Lamantia, B.S.
Laboratory Technician

Graduate Students

Research Interest:

The effects of developmental alcohol exposure on glia and neurons

Research Interest:

The role of microglia in regulating amyloid pathology over the course of Alzheimer's disease

Mark Stoessel
Research Interest:

Pathways that control cerebellar microglia dynamics and how these pathways contribute to cerebellar physiology and function

Alexandra Strohm
Research Interest: The effects of Human Herpes Virus 6A's latency gene U94A on neurological diseases

Research Assistants

Evelyn Matei
Evelyn Matei
Undergraduate Research Assistant