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BME 230 - Biomedical Signals & Measurements

Spring Semester, 4 Cr.

Course Instructor

Course Description: This course examines a range of instrumentation and techniques used in the acquisition, processing, and presentation of measurements of biological systems, and features an intensive laboratory. Lectures will cover transducers, sensors, digital electronics, Fourier analysis, elementary signal processing the ECG and EMG signals, flow measurement, and an introduction to medical imaging and biosensors. The laboratory experiments will concentrate on measurement instrumentation and techniques in biomedical engineering. Statistics and good laboratory practices are also covered. Laboratory sessions cover instrumentation amplifiers, bridge circuits, blood pressure measurement, the ECG/EMG signals, and nerve conduction velocity.

BME453 - Advanced Biomedical Ultrasound

Fall Semester, 4 Cr.

Course Instructor

Course Description: This course investigates the imaging techniques applied in state-of-the-art ultrasound imaging and their theoretical bases. Topics include linear acoustic systems, spatial impulse responses, the k-space formulation, methods of acoustic field calculation, dynamic focusing and apodization, scattering, the statistics of acoustic speckle, speckle correlation, compounding techniques, phase aberration correction, velocity estimation, and flow imaging. A strong emphasis is placed on readings of original sources and student assignments and projects based on realistic acoustic simulations.