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Clinical Investigations

Clinical InvestigationsPreeclampsia is a major contributor to adverse pregnancy outcomes for both mother and baby. A major difficulty is diagnosing the illness before the conditions are too severe.

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Implantation Biology

Implantation BiologyPregnancy loss due to implantation failures is being examined using an in vitro model consisting of both human trophoblast and endometrium to study the biology of attachment and invasion as well as the influence of hormones, xenobiotics and disease (antiphospholipid syndrome, pre-eclampsia).

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Placental Toxicology and Pathology

Placental Toxicology and PathologyCadmium can be a placental toxin in rodents by producing fetal death and placental necrosis. Using an in vitro dually perfused human placenta model, cadmium also produced necrosis.

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Vertical transmission of HIV

Vertical transmission of HIVWhy do only 25-40% of the babies of HIV positive mothers become infected? Why not all the babies? What controls infectivity of the fetus in utero?

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