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  • PH102: Dr. Thirukumaran is a guest lecturer in the Spring course titled “Introduction to Public Health II”. She teaches undergraduate students about the scope and practice of Health Services Research.
  • IND464: Dr. Thirukumaran is a guest lecturer in the Fall course titled “Musculoskeletal Basic Science”. She teaches graduate basic science students about the scope, dimensions, and practice of Public Health.
  • PM 422: Dr. Thirukumaran co-directs a PhD-level course in Spring titled “Quality of Care and Risk Adjustment”. The course trains students in the conceptual and empirical approaches to assessing the quality of care and developing risk-adjusted measures. In this applied course, students gain hands-on experience working with a range of healthcare datasets and using data to address relevant research questions. The course is open to Health Services Research PhD students and others who meet the course pre-requisites.
  • Journal Club and methods seminars: Dr. Thirukumaran conducts periodic journal clubs for orthopaedic residents to guide them in evaluating methodologies commonly used in orthopaedic clinical studies.