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Current Research Projects

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Connection in Caregivers Research Study

Two Elderly Women Smiling at the CameraOur study is trying to discover how social relationships impact feelings of stress in both positive and negative ways for those caring for somebody with dementia. We hope this information will lead to better programs for caregivers.

Learn more about the Connection in Caregivers Research Study

Connection Planning

Drawing by Van Gogh: Holding HandsConnection Planning is a brief, evidence-informed behavioral intervention to promote social connection. Similar to Safety Planning, Connection Planning involves identifying opportunities and barriers to social connection and making plans to take action.

Learn more about Connection Planning

The Social Connection Coaching Project

hands heart photoThe Social Connection Coaching Project is a clinical trial funded by the National Institute of Mental Health. The purpose of this study is to test whether an individual coaching program helps adults age 60 and older who live in senior living communities feel more connected to other people in ways that matter to them.

Learn more about The Social Connection Coaching Project