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Zhang Lab

Welcome to the Zhang Lab

Skeletal repair is a dynamic and well-orchestrated process that involves complex and coordinated function of different cellular compartments and integrated molecular pathways. Understanding complex molecular interactions during skeletal healing represents a critical step toward developing effective treatment strategies for improved repair and reconstruction.

Research in my laboratory focuses on skeletal repair and reconstruction, which integrates a number of important research topics in musculoskeletal research. These topics include biology of bone/cartilage development, cell signaling, stem cell biology and bone tissue engineering.  Using transgenic mouse models, primary culture of progenitor cells isolated from bone callus, and the-state-of-the-art imaging approaches, we are currently trying to understand how molecular and cellular signals are integrated to provide synergistic action for repair and regeneration. Our research has been continuously funded by grants from NIH, NYSTEM, and foundations.

We are currently recruiting Postdoctoral Researchers and Graduate Students. Please contact Dr. Zhang for more information.

Xinping Zhang, B.Med., Ph.D.

Xinping Zhang, B.Med., Ph.D.
Principal Investigator


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  Zhang Lab
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