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Where do I get my iPad?

Students who matriculate into the MD curriculum are provided an iPad during orientation registration week. Specific details regarding iPads and pick up of iPads is communicated to students by the Offices of Medical Education prior to and during orientation registration week.

More information about obtaining your iPad.

What is the warranty for my iPad?

The iPad carries a one-year limited warranty from Apple. Information pertaining to this warranty can be accessed on Apple's Warranties page. You are also free to purchase an extended warranty, at your own expense through the Apple Care Protection Plan. Information about this plan can be obtained at the UR Tech Store, URMC Location, Room G-7220B, next to the Copy Center.

What if I lose my iPad?

Unfortunately, we cannot replace lost iPads and you will need to purchase a replacement. For security reasons, be sure to contact the Computing Center Help Desk to have your email/data wiped. 

The Miner Library Computing Center Help Desk can be reached via email or by phone at (585) 275-6865.

How do I learn how to use my iPad?

During a required iPad training session students will learn about their device with the assistance from Miner Library staff. Your personal Librarian can also answer questions and provide information on options for textbooks and useful medical apps.

How do I free up space on my iPad?

Here's a list of some space saving tips for your iPad.

How will iPads influence microscopes?

Microscopes will no longer be used in the curriculum. All slides will be digital and accessed through your iPad.

Who do I contact if something is wrong with my iPad?

Should you have a problem with your iPad, contact the Miner Library Computing Center Help Desk email or by phone at (585) 275-6865.

Can my iPad be engraved?

Unfortunately, we cannot incorporate engravings into the ordering of student iPads at this time.

Can I still print course materials?

Yes. Students are free to print any course material at their own expense.

May I use my iPad for personal as well as School activities?

Yes. You are free to use your iPad for any legal activity.

Are there any calendars published by URMC School of Medicine and Dentistry? Can I subscribe to them on my iPad?

Yes. Course calendars for the University of Rochester School of Medicine and Dentistry are available electronically. There is a calendar specific to your class and an events calendar.

You can subscribe to the calendars on your iPad on the SMD Calendars page.

Can I use my iPad to access eRecord?

No. For security reasons, Information Systems Division (ISD) does not support eRecord access on mobile devices.

Am I required to set up and use VPN?

Most resources are available without using the VPN. For years 2-4, VPN is required to access select resources. eRecord and other applications are available through Citrix. If you're not using a URMC computer, you may need to install the Citrix Receiver from the Remote Access site. To view support page, log-in with your URMC-SH (AD) credentials.

Can I upgrade my device when a new model comes out?

Unfortunately, the school cannot provide students with new models should they become available. However you are free to upgrade at your own expense. Before disposing of your device, you should seek assistance from the Miner Library Computing Center Help Desk to erase/clear your data.

The Computing Center Help Desk can be reached via email or by phone (585) 275-6865.