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Finger Lakes Family Care

Part of FF Thompson Hospital
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We provide 24-hour telephone coverage for emergencies and urgent problems. Please call your doctor’s number and the answering service will have the doctor call you back.


Monday−Friday 8 a.m.−5 p.m.

Closed Daily for lunch 12 −1 p.m.


At Thompson’s Primary Care Practices, our goal is to provide exceptional and compassionate health care for children and adults of all ages. We are committed to quality, personalized patient care in a pleasant environment while responding to the health care needs of our patients for information, access and service.
Our primary care services consist of practices in internal, family medicine and pediatrics. All practices are departments of and operated by F.F. Thompson Hospital.

Family Medicine practitioners care for every member of your family at every stage of life. We address the physical, emotional, mental, and social needs of children, adolescents, adults, and seniors. And we understand how family dynamics can affect each member's health and well-being.

Patient & Visitor Information

Types of Office Visits

Quick Sick Visit (10 minutes)

We offer rapid access for acute medical complaints. Finger Lakes Family Care offers additional visits in early morning and late afternoon time slots for acute illness and same day appointments. These visits will focus on a single medical concern and are geared for short concise visits. Visits throughout the day will be offered for better access, especially during busy times of the cold and flu season.

Adult Physical (30-45 minutes)

We as that fasting blood-work and other screening tests be performed in the weeks preceding your physical so that all of these can be reviewed with you at the time of your physical. We will perform and EKG, a urinalysis, a hearing evaluation and visual assessment as needed at your physical, in additional to a complete set of vitals and a spirometry if you are a smoker or have asthma or COPD.

Well Child Check (20-30 minutes)

Appointments should be made during the month of your child's birthday if possible. By spreading out our well child checks out over the entire year, we prevent a bottle neck of appointments during the summer.

Chronic Disease Management Visit (20-30 minutes)

These visits are important as they ensure that medical plans and medication doses are efficacious and free from any side effects. The management of diabetes, cholesterol, blood pressure, asthma/COPD, depression and other common and chronic diseases are best monitored and treated with regular office visits ranging from every month to every 6 months. Disease based criteria are in place at our office and can be view on our website as well if any questions arise.

Surgical Procedure (10-30 minutes)

Appointment lengths will range form 15-45 minutes depending on the nature and complexity of the surgical procedure desired by the patient.

Medication Management (10-20 minutes)

Appointments will typically be brief, in order to change dosages on medications currently being taken. More time is usually required for new medications. Controlled substance management will require visits every 90 days by one of our providers as well as a medication contract to be signed by the patient.


At Finger Lakes Family Care, we offer health care for the whole family.

  • Pediatrics
  • Adult Medicine
  • Women's Health
  • Newborn Care


Appointment Information

Appointments and inquiries can be made in the following ways:

Your provider will decide whether a telehealth or in-office visit is most appropriate for your situation. Insurance companies are now covering telemedicine (online video) visits to help you maintain access to care during the pandemic.

Fill out the New Patient Registration Form and bring it with your to your appointment.

Additional Information

Billing & Insurance Information

Pay Your Bill Online

To make a payment, take advantage of our Online Bill Pay service.

Discuss Your Bill

Please call (585) 396-6515 to reach our Billing Office staff. Billing office hours are Monday–Friday, 8 a.m.–4:30 p.m.

Financial Policy

The role insurance carriers play in the delivery of patient care is a result of today's rapidly changing healthcare environment. Some insurance companies restrict us in certain ways. Examples of such restrictions include the medications we can prescribe, specialists you may be referred to, and the frequency and type of services we provide to you.

It is always the patient's responsibility to know exactly which services are covered by the insurance plan. If you have questions about your insurance provider's coverage, we encourage you to contact the customer service representative at your insurance company prior to your appointment.

Co-payments are required before seeing a physician or having any laboratory procedures performed in our office. Visa, MasterCard, check, and cash payments are accepted at all the family practice facilities.

If you do have insurance coverage, we will submit the claim to your insurance company. You may receive a bill in the mail reflecting any outstanding balance after insurance has paid on your claim. To remain in good standing, this bill should be paid within 30 days of the invoice date.

If you are uninsured at the time of service, you must pay your bill in full at the time services are rendered. If you have an HMO insurance that does not list one of our physicians as your Primary Care Physician (PCP), you must pay for services at the time of your visit. You may contact your customer service representative at your insurance company to change your PCP.

If you need help applying for insurance, please contact one of our Financial Counseling Team members at (585) 396-6720 or (585) 396-6015.

There are also payment options available for self-pay patients. Please ask the secretary how to arrange for these.

Patient-Centered Medical Homes (PCMH)

All of F.F. Thompson Hospital’s primary care practices are certified Level 3 Patient-Centered Medical Homes, or PCMH. Understand what certified Level 3 Patient-Centered Medical Homes, or PCMH means for you and your family.

Our medical professional teams include physicians, physician assistants, and nurse practitioners.

Trusted Patient Education Links

Finger Lakes Family Care recognizes and embraces the power and scope of the internet in terms of finding trusted patient education websites. Our staff have gone through countless hours of trial an error when it comes to finding sites that live up to our criteria in terms of being up to date and accurate. Or site offers links to patient education websites, instructional videos regarding disease processes, anatomical landmarks, and surgeries that patients may be thinking about undergoing. Our practice wanted to pull all of these together for patients in such a way to minimize the stress of searching for medical information and the web and not knowing whether it is accurate or not.

Patient Educational Websites

The following links will direct patients of Finger Lakes Family Care to trusted patient education websites that will offer you additional information about any medical questions you might have. We direct you to these sites as we are confident that the information displayed within these sites is up to date, accurate, and medically relevant.

Professional Academies