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Education & Training

RPRC:NCDHR provides training for community members, students, health professionals, and researchers.

Deaf Strong Hospital »

DSH 2011 UR

Deaf Strong Hospital (DSH) is a learning activity created by a group of medical students in September of 1998. First-year medical students are introduced to the Deaf experience by entering into an environment where American Sign Language is the primary language.

Cross-Cultural Competencies »

Cross-Cultural Competencies is required for any RPRC:NCDHR staff member and collaborating investigators who is not already familiar with Deaf Culture. This page provides required articles and other suggested readings for those interested in learning more about Deaf Culture.

Deaf Health Pathway »

Deaf Health Pathways (formerly PAH, MD, Promoting Awareness in Healthcare, Medical and Deaf), is a medical humanities program for University of Rochester medical students interested in Deaf culture, health and American Sign Language. It provides additional courses, electives, activities and projects over the four years of medical school for students.

Human Subjects Research Certification »

Human Subjects Research Certification is a research certification program for understanding the basic principals of research.

Research Education Programs

Rochester Bridges to the Doctorate

Rochester Partnership for Postdoctoral Training

K Awards

Steven Barnett

Steven Barnett, MD


  1. Deaf People and Healthcare (CAHPS) K08 (Agency for Healthcare Research and Quality)
  2. Deaf Sign Language Users, Suicide, and Social Network Characteristics K18 (National Institute on Deafness and other Communication Disorders)

Michael McKee

Michael McKee, MD, MPH

  1. Health Literacy Among Deaf ASL Users and and Cardiovascular Health Risk K01 (National Heart, Lung and Blood Institute)

Scott Smith

Scott Smith, MD, MPH

  1. Adolescent Cardiovascular Risk in Deaf Adolescents who use Sign Language K01 (National Heart, Lung and Blood Institute)

* To learn more about what a K18 and K01 award is, click here.

Health Talks

Deaf Health Talks (link to archive)

College Health Talks (link to archive)