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Key Initiatives

Gender Disparities Working Group

To advance women in the field of neurology and ensure equitable treatment: Work with department leadership to present faculty salary and compensation by gender each year; Development of an affinity, mentoring and networking group, Women in Neurology; Identifying women leaders in neurology to visit UR to deliver Grand Rounds and mentor junior faculty.

Pipeline Working Group

To engage groups that are historically under-represented in medicine into the field of neurology: Development of the pre-doc program to host URM undergraduate students in the department of neurology for a longitudinal mentoring experience; Creation of a visiting medical student clerkship in Neurology for URM medical students. Learn more about the UR PreDoc Program.

Diversity in Training Programs

To increase diversity in residency and fellowship programs:  Creation of a diversity presentation to all resident applicants; Re-evaluated and changed process of identifying applicants for interviews; Engaged more diverse faculty in the interview process.

Diversity in Research

To increase diversity among the research workforce and among participants in clinical research:  Piloting community engagement studios to involve the community in clinical research, Partnering with diverse community members to better understand the perspectives of patients towards research, Organization of a NINDS-sponsored neurology conference (every 2 years) to highlight research performed by women and minorities, Invited a Community Research Participant to contribute and provide input to our Research Oversight Committee.

Community, Culture and Belonging

To strengthen departmental culture and engage better with our community:  Annual Participation by the department in regional affinity events (RBJ Women’s conference, Black Physicians Gala, Human Rights Campaign, ROC pride parade); Participation in 1-2 community events per month in arts, music, theater, literature focused on our diverse community; Training and workshops for faculty members (theater of the oppressed, unconscious bias training); Initiated a dialogue about racism and privilege through Grand Rounds Speakers, reading books and community events; Appointment of a community organizer/ activist as adjunct faculty; Submission of a proposal to the UR Diversity Conference; Creation of a new process for inviting Grand Rounds speakers to increase diversity. Take a look at department sponsored community events here.

Anti-racism Working Group

A group launched in May 2020 to develop and implement an antiracist action plan with discrete goals, outcomes and accountability measures. The working group consists of over 20 faculty and staff that work to eliminate racist practices and hierarchy in the department of neurology, in medical training and in patient care.