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The University of Rochester was selected as an inaugural member of the NIH Network for Excellence in Neuroscience Clinical Trials (NeuroNEXT) in October 2011. Please see the NeuroNEXT website for more information about the UR NEXT site.

NeuroNEXT, a NINDS initiative to conduct exploratory trials in neurological conditions, receives proposals from academics, foundations and industry. All proposals are evaluated for mission relevance and institute priority by NINDS and for network feasibility by the NeuroNEXT Executive Committee (NEC). All proposals which are found to be mission relevant, feasible and of sufficient institute priority are referred to protocol working groups (PWG) for development of grant applications. The NINDS, NEC and PWG do not make any determination as to scientific merit; applicants should be aware that the fact that NeuroNEXT is submitting a proposal for review is no guarantee of funding approval. The scientific review of the proposal occurs after the grant application has been submitted for peer- and council-review. Funding decisions are made based on the results of those reviews.