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Our basic research programs concentrate on the cellular and molecular underpinnings of neurological disease. They include both MD and PhD basic research faculty within the department, as well as a number of affiliate and collaborating laboratories and centers within the medical center. The department’s own laboratories are housed in 23,000 sq ft area of modern laboratory space, most newly constructed, with 6200 sq ft of central office and data analysis space. Indeed, over just the past 7 years, almost 20,000 sq ft of new space for labs in neurology and neurosurgery have opened and are already occupied, catapulting Rochester into the ranks of the country’s premier facilities for the study of neural stem cell biology, glial biology, and translational neuromedicine. Neurology's centers and research labs include:

The department has close associations with our colleagues in the Department of Neurosurgery, and in the Divisions of Neuropathology and Neuroradiology. In addition, the department has close interactions with affiliated laboratories and research centers in both the medical center and adjacent university campus that include: