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University of Rochester Neurorestoration Institute (URNI)

Bradford Berk, M.D., Ph.D.

Using the Mind to Restore the Brain and Body

In 2009, then CEO of the University of Rochester Medical Center, Bradford C. Berk, M.D., Ph.D. suffered a severe spinal cord injury. His story of recovery – Berk returned to his post eight months later and has regained much neurological function – and perseverance has served as an inspiration to countless individuals who suffer from spinal cord injury.

Berk’s perspective as a health care leader, physician, and a spinal cord injury patient has provided him with unique insight into the shortcomings and opportunities that exist in how we currently provide care and support to individuals (and their families) with chronic neurologic diseases. Fueled with the same determination and passion that enabled him to overcome his injury, in January 2015, Berk stepped down from his role as CEO to lead a new initiative that will make Rochester a national center for the rehabilitation of individuals with chronic neurologic diseases to improve their function and state of well-being.

Mission of the URNI

To bring the highest quality and most innovative approaches to restore function in individuals who have suffered damage to their brain, spinal cord, and/or peripheral nerves.

Vision of the URNI

To be a national destination for rehabilitation of people with chronic neurologic conditions, and a center for excellence in research on restoration of cognitive, motor, and sensory function.