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Unity Gallery

Unity Gallery


In 2020, the IDEAS (Inclusion, Diversity, Equity, Antiracism, and Social Justice) Council launched an initiative aimed at fostering a more inclusive environment within the Department of Neurology. Their vision was to carve out a dedicated space in the administrative hallway, providing visibility and amplifying the voices of diverse and historically marginalized individuals.

Traditionally adorned with photographs showcasing residents' graduation classes, the hallway's walls told a story of the past, but there was a recognized imperative to reflect the evolving culture of inclusivity. This realization sparked the inception of The Unity Gallery, an innovative project leveraging art to provoke thought, encourage dialogue, and celebrate the diverse voices, minds, and faces shaping the Department of Neurology.

The gallery serves as a dynamic canvas, visually representing the expanding and evolving nature of the department. It is designed to be a focal point where faculty, staff, residents, and visitors encounter a mosaic of visual narratives embodying the inclusivity and diversity integral to the department's identity. The Unity Gallery stands as a testament to the commitment to creating an environment where everyone feels a sense of belonging.

Unity Gallery Vision

To create a diverse, inclusive, and equitable culture within the Neurology community where everyone can thrive and celebrate their authentic selves.

Unity Gallery Mission

The Unity Gallery at the Neurology Center aims to amplify diverse artistic voices for the University of Rochester Medical Center’s community, extending its reach to the broader Rochester region and beyond through visual art.

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