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Technical Research Cores

The Technical Research Cores of the Department of Neuroscience provide the technical support functions related to our laboratories

Support tissue preparation, image analysis, and reconstruction
Digital and analog darkroom, graphics development, digital microscopy
Mechanical & Electronic Shop
Design, construct, and repair lab components and devices
Molecular Neurobiology
Design and implement quantitative real-time PCR and RT-PCR protocols
Neural Culture Core
Support preparation, maintenance, and analysis of neural culture preparations
Computation and Web Development
Maintain websites, develop novel web applications, shoot and edit video, create animations, support PC and networking operations, handle equipment and software, train staff
Protein Analysis
Protein-protein interaction analysis (FRET, BRET), digitized data acquisition for chemi-luminescence, fluorescence
Human Subjects
Coordinate recruitment, screening, and scheduling of human research subjects across projects
Technology Development
Develop automated lab systems for stimulus and behavioral control, data acquisition, and data analysis