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Nuclear Medicine

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Nuclear Medicine uses a small amount of radioactive material to diagnose, evaluate and treat a variety of diseases. The most common nuclear medicine studies include:

  • Bone Scan: This is a functional test which visually detects bone abnormalities by measuring an aspect of bone metabolism. You will receive an injection, wait 2-3 hours, then undergo the examination.
  • Gastric Emptying: During this test, you will eat food containing a radioisotope which will be detected on a scan. The dosage of radiation from the radioisotope is very small and not harmful, and allows the radiologist to see the food in the stomach and how quickly it leaves the stomach.
  • HIDA (Hepatobiliary): This study assesses the liver, gallbladder and biliary function. It is commonly used to diagnose abnormal gallbladder function and examines the ducts leading into and out of the gallbladder. You may receive a morphine injection. If so, you will need to arrange for transportation from your appointment.

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E. Michael Saunders Medical Imaging at Noyes Memorial Hospital

111 Clara Barton Street
Dansville, NY 14437

Office: (585) 335-4235

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