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Hospice Care

End-of-Life Care with Dignity

If you or a loved one is facing the late stages of a terminal illness, our hospice services can offer the care and support you need. We provide compassionate physical, emotional, and spiritual care as you experience end-of-life challenges.

We're committed to preserving your dignity, managing end-of-life symptoms and keeping you comfortable, while anticipating and responding to your changing needs.

Most of all, we'll be certain you know that you are not facing this situation alone. We'll listen to what you're thinking and feeling, or just quietly hold your hand; we'll play soft music, or preserve the silence if you prefer; we'll keep you company when you need us, and give you your privacy when loved ones come to visit.

A Caring Environment to Count on

The care you receive during your hospice stay is coordinated with you, your family, your doctor, our nursing staff, a dietitian, social workers, and other members of the hospice team.

Family and visitors are welcomed and encouraged to be with you. A family member may stay throughout the night, 24 hours a day if desired. Upon request, the nursing staff will provide linen for guests.

Chapel and Spiritual Care is here too. A list of on-call clergy is available if you wish to talk with a spiritual advisor, and your own advisors are welcome as well. Our quiet, peaceful Hospital chapel is always open.

Amenities in hospice include a phone in each patient room. Complimentary television service is available as well. A microwave and refrigerator are available on the third floor in the kitchen, so your family can bring you some of your favorite foods. In addition, a representative from Food Services will visit you daily to assist with menu selection. A dietitian is available and will visit as needed.

We are honored when patients choose to spend their end-of-life time trusting us with their care. For more information on Hospice, call (585) 335-6001.