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Noyes Health / Healthcare Services / Hospitalist Program

Hospitalist Program

Hospitalists are physicians specially trained in the medical care of patients in the Hospital.

These physicians work directly within the hospital, so they can continuously monitor your care—and respond to diagnostic and clinical information as it becomes available. The care they provide will be coordinated with your primary doctor, specialists, nurses, pharmacists, respiratory, occupational and physical therapists, dietitians, case managers, and social workers. They all work together to help you get well.

Your doctor will be kept fully informed of your medical progress and will receive all your test results. When you’re discharged from the Hospital, your doctor will have all the necessary information to provide you with follow-up care—to help you complete the healing process.

Meet Our Hospitalists

Photo of Dr. Sheikh Ahsen Sheikh, M.D.
Photo of Shaikh M. Ahmed, M.D. Shaikh M. Ahmed, M.D.
Dr. Javeria ZaidiJaveria Zaidi, M.D.