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Specialized Imaging: Fetal MRI

State-of-the-art MRI machine at Golisano Children's HospitalUR Medicine's Golisano Children’s Hospital is the only facility in Upstate New York with ultrafast fetal magnetic resonance imaging (MRI).

MRI is a noninvasive imaging test that provides detailed information about anatomic structures of the fetus. High-resolution images are taken rapidly using a “snapshot” technique. MRI pictures are obtained for evaluation using a magnetic field rather than radiation.

A fetal MRI can enhance the information obtained from a high-resolution fetal ultrasound and provide additional information about your baby’s diagnosis. It is performed in the second or third trimester of pregnancy. An MRI evaluation is used to evaluate abnormalities in your baby’s body, brain, and spine. It may also be used to confirm an ultrasound diagnosis or add significant diagnostic information in complex cases.

Fetal MRI imageUR Medicine's Pediatric Radiology is specifically trained in the care of pediatric patients. Emphasis is placed on gentle state-of-the-art imaging of pregnant people and children while minimizing exposure. MRI has no radiation exposure.

If UR Medicine's Maternal-Fetal Care team feels that an MRI would be helpful to further evaluate your developing baby, our fetal care coordinator will help coordinate this imaging.

After your MRI is complete, the report will be sent to your referring OB/GYN office. If you are a Maternal-Fetal Care patient, the pediatric radiologist will meet and discuss your findings with the entire team of Golisano Children's Hospital specialists and the Maternal-Fetal Care team at our monthly conference and review implications for your pregnancy.

MRI often requires insurance prior authorization, and our team can work with you and your insurance to help navigate this process.