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Cervical Length Assessment

Ultrasound image of a cervical length assessmentFor women at risk for preterm delivery, cervical length monitoring may be recommended to help assess for shortening. Some therapies, including cerclage or progesterone for shortening the cervix, may be helpful to decrease the risk of delivering early. Our entire sonography staff is CLEAR certified ensuring they can provide the best information on your cervical length and help the UR Medicine Maternal-Fetal Care team guide you on further treatment and testing options.

What is CLEAR?

CLEAR is a program through the Perinatal Quality Foundation (a national, independent, non-profit organization), designed to assure accurate measurement and interpretation of this critical measurement used in the assessment of preterm birth risk. The program consists of lectures, examinations, and image review designed to improve sonography cervical length measurements and provides certification in performing these measurements to physicians and sonographers.